When Your Mom Raids Your Closet


Botany and Lace Tank - c/o Ever+Mi Crush  //  Shorts - Ruche (old)  // Shoes - Payless  //  Sunnies & Jewelry - F21

When I took these pictures I had already been biking for two hours, so pardon the wrinkled shorts.  What's worse is that since it's so hot and humid, the entire backside of my shorts was soaked with sweat.  Gross, I know.  Sorry.   That's why you aren't seeing any pics of this top from behind.  But the tank has this cool crochet back and that kept my back nice and airy.  So bonus for bikers!

As I entered the house, my mom looked at me and said, "Cool!  Where did you get that top?"  Usually when she says that it means she wants one. So yeah, my mom might be sporting this top 'round the neighborhood soon.

And that means that at some point we will be wearing the same thing at the same time. *Don't worry I'll take a picture of that if it happens!*  What I wish I could convey to you in photos is how detailed and intricate this top is.  It's one of those pieces that you happen upon once in a while and then treasure for years to come.

Pretty much most of the Ever+Mi Crush selection is kind of like this.  Uh-oh.  But yay! 

p.s. a few days left to enter my pretty rad giveaway.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think it's a pretty awesome tank, but a lote of the Ever+Mi Crush is great.

  2. The detail on those shorts... amazing! Great look, love.

    Thanks for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  3. This is an adorable tank, and the ruffles on the shorts are so fun!
    This Ever Evolving Life

    1. Thank you. These shorts were an impulse buy and it just goes to show that sometimes you gotta go with your gut.

  4. Those shorts are SO dang cute!! I love them. You look great especially after a long humid bike ride!

    -Bree @ aBree Fashion

    1. Thank you! Yup, it was all hot humid bike rides for a few weeks there. And guzzling tons and tons of water.

  5. great pictures! those shorts are so darling! and love the coral color!


    1. Thank you! I'm liking coral a lot lately too :)


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